Guardian Angel's book ONE PELICAN AT A TIME: A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill by Nancy Stewart and art by Samantha Bell is the first children's book published that addresses the issue of the oil contamination on the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

Bella and Britt love living by the beach. When they find oil washing to shore from a gulf spill, they want to help but are told there is nothing for kids to do. But when their old friend, the pelican, becomes covered with oil, they help save his life by their quick thinking and action. Suggested ages for readers: 7 to 12

Guardian Angel along with the author and artist wanted to extend the learning potential of this story with more information, therefore we are providing some news videos of the spill with a warning- some may be too graphic or sad for children to see. Please ask a parent to approve these before you watch them.



Author’s Notes:
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010 harmed the water, beaches, marshes, and animals that live there. Birds, sea turtles, dolphins and many other types of animals lost their lives or were put in danger. We must not forget that eleven men were killed on the oil rig that night. And many people, whose very lives depend on all types of fishing and on tourists that visit the beautiful beaches, have had a way of life interrupted or taken from them entirely.

There has been a large effort to clean up the spill. But it will take years for the Gulf of Mexico to recover completely. Studies are being conducted to tell how much long term damage was done to the gulf.

Most importantly, adults must be sure that such a spill never happens again. Our wonderful planet gives us life and shelters us. We need to care for it in return. And, like Britt and Bella, we can all help by being a bit greener each day. Little things such as turning off lights, unplugging cell phone chargers, and other electrical appliances, and not running water when brushing teeth, all help us to be less dependent on oil. That is good for people and animals and our planet.

Let’s start now!

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