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Invisible Ruth
by Lisa Green

My friend Ruth is kind of weird.
It isn’t that she sports a beard
or missing teeth or has pink eyes.
I know it seems a big surprise,
but if you want to see her smile,
you’ll be waiting quite a while
because she’s really shy it’s true.
So shy she disappears from view.
It isn’t you she tries to shun.
She can’t be seen by anyone.
Well, anyone except for me,
which hurts my popularity.
Dad says, “Honey, tell the truth.”
I say, “Honest, Dad it’s Ruth.”
My friends at school they taunt and tease.
Teacher tells them, “Quiet please.”
They all think something’s wrong with me.
I fold my arms and disagree.
Just because my friend is shy
doesn’t mean that off I’ll fly.
I won’t abandon my best friend.
That’s the kind of friend I am!