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Baby Sister

My mom came home from the hospital.
Her arms held a strange squirming thing Ė
A small baby girl with a head full of curls,
Not the brother Iíd hoped she would bring.

Since she didnít bring home a brother,
I wish she had brought me a pup!
Puppies can run. Theyíre so much more fun
Than a baby that needs to grow up.

Mom could at least let me hold her.
I donít think thatís asking too much.
But when I come near Iím sure that Iíll hear,
ďBe careful. Be gentle. Soft touch!Ē

I peer over into her cradle.
That canít be my sister I see Ė
Sheís wrinkled and red with no teeth in her head,
And Mom says she looks just like me!


Donna J. Shepherd

Donna is the author of The Lonely Lightning Bug; OUCH! Sunburn; No More Gunk;
The Topsy Tales
Series: Dottie's Topsy Tale, Chizzy's Topsy Tale, and Sully's Topsy Tale;
Poodle and Doodle,
and Bradybug.