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Grandpa Bud's Big Blue Truck

Written by Allyn M. Stotz

Illustration by Julie Hammond



The pitch black sky rumbled like an explosion. Grady and his Grandpa Bud looked out the window as a bright white streak filled the sky. Grandpa Bud told Grady that when it thundered, God was bowling with the angels. When lightning struck, someone bowled a strike.

But today, it meant the lights went out.

"Oh no," cried Grady. He grabbed his Grandpa Bud's legs for safety. "Grandpa, I don't like the dark."

"Don't worry, kid," he said. "I have something in my truck that will help."

Once the rain stopped, Grandpa Bud went outside to his big blue truck. From the truck's bed, he pulled out a strange object that had metal arms and a motor attached. Then he pulled out a gas can.

Grady ran to check out Grandpa's items.

"What's that?"

"I'm glad you asked, Grady. It's an emergency generator."

Grady kneeled down for a better look. "What's a generator?"

"A generator helps give us electricity in an emergency. When we fill it with gas and turn it on, we can plug a lamp into it. Then we'll have light."

Once the generator was started, they went back inside.

"Thanks for the lights, Dad. Now if only we had an oven to cook dinner on," Grady's Mom said.

"Grandpa, maybe you have an oven in your truck," Grady said.

"Good thinking," Grandpa Bud said. "Let's go see."

Grady couldn't wait to see what Grandpa Bud would pull out next.

Grandpa Bud clattered around the bed of his truck until he pulled out something black. It had a top attached and sat on wheels.

"What's that?" Grady asked.

"This is our stove. It's called a gas grill."

Grady helped his Grandpa Bud wheel the grill to the backyard.

After dinner, the lights came back on. Grady hopped into the leather recliner and cuddled on Grandpa Bud's lap.

"Want to watch Animal Planet, Grandpa?"

"Why don't you watch, while I take a little snooze? That okay with you, kid?"

Just then, Grady's Mom stomped in the room. She was shaking a wooden stick with a rubber bell on the bottom. "Dad, the toilet is clogged and this plunger is useless. Can you fix it?"

Grady looked at Grandpa Bud. "Looks like we're going back to the truck, huh Grandpa?"

Grandpa Bud laughed. "Yep... it's off to the truck we go."

I bet he has a new toilet in his truck.

Grandpa Bud grunted as he tossed things around the bed of his truck.

Clank... clank.

Bonk... bonk.

Chink... chink.

Finally, he pulled out a long wobbly silver pole.

"We'll stick this plumbing snake down the toilet. It'll get rid of that nasty clog," Grandpa Bud said.

When it was Grady's bedtime, Grandpa Bud tucked him in. "You did good today, kid."

"I'm pooped from our hard work, Grandpa Bud. I hope when I grow up, I can have a big blue truck just like yours."


Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. 2011

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